Leagues are held on Tuesday and Thursday Nights

  • Regular League Nights are tee time starts on both the Front 9 & Back 9
  • Match Play Nights are shotgun starts on both the Front 9 & Back 9
  • Both men and women are welcome
  • Teams consist of a minimum of 4 players
  • League Season consists of 23 regular season events to be held every week.
  • Playoffs begin the week following the regular season
  • Playoffs span four weeks and follow a match play format
  • League is made up of all handicaps & handicaps are controlled by the club
  • Handicaps will consist of league play only
  • Top 12 teams each night will make it to the playoffs
  • Both the Tuesday and Thursday winners will be invited to a weekend golf event in Atlantic City.
If you are interested in playing in or would like additional info on the Minebrook Golf Leagues please email ckennedy@minebrookgc.com


2017 Results

Tuesday Night Winner: G.B.U. (Captain: Dayton K, Eric E, Jeff S, Jim W, Mark R, John S, Al S, Steve N)

Thursday Night Winner: Cyclones (Captain: Mike P, Mike S, Jeff S, Dave S, Adrianna O, Bob J, Jerry K, Kevin S)

Minebrook League Championship:
G.B.U. defeated Cyclones.